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segunda-feira, 21 de setembro de 2009


Life Path Number 9: The Player

The Life Path Number 9 is a player in the Shakespearian sense. You will feel very much that life is a stage, full of drama, emotion and enjoyment to be indulged in and shared.

Sharing is one of the key traits of a Life Path Number 9 - you are one of the most compassionate numbers, believing nobility to be one of the highest achievements of humankind. Not surprisingly, many judges, artists and teachers are Number 9s.

Ironically, money is not overly significant to Life Path Number 9s. This is ironic because your nature tends to bring you great acclaim and accompanying wealth in whichever professional field you enter. You are not only skilled and compassionate but also make friends easily. Your sincerity shines through and charms people quickly. That last promotion didn't only happen because you are great at what you do: it happened because you are so well-liked too.

As the trinity of trinities, Life Path Number 9 people tend to be magnetic. Your friends have perhaps remarked on how charismatic and irresistable you are: Strangers flock to you and your close friends and family feel quietly smug to have your love and devotion - you're quite a catch!

Your failed relationships (personal or professional) have probably arisen from situations in which your partner has been focused on material wealth or failed to offer the same generous nature that you bring to the relationship. This is a common trait of numerber 9s: Generosity to a fault, and this is why many 9s are happy but not wealthy in financial terms.

The rare and powerful Life Path Number 9 is born to forego the material greed of life for the greater common good. This is where the only real Number 9 challenge lies - the ability to accept the wisdom of this selfless way of being. Those who are able to embrace this gift are generally fulfilled and happy. Those 9s who struggle against it will live 'well' but be plagued by an ongoing sense that something is missing. The folk you read about who give up high-powered corporate positions to work in non-profit humanitarian roles; these are the folk who are very likely to have finally given themselves over to the rare beauty of their Life Path Number 9.

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